The No Code database
managed with Google Sheets
and accessed using GraphQL

How it works:


Put your data in a Google Sheet


Create your database with one click


Query your data using GraphQL

See it in action:

Create a Gatsby site with content from Supersheets.

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Create a Gridsome site using content from a Supersheet.

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Ready for production:

  • Fast performance

    We automatically keep frequently accessed data in Redis so that average query response times is < 100ms.

  • Powerful querying

    Queries are powered by MongoDB so you have all the capabilities of the most popular NoSQL database.

  • Expressive data types

    Easily convert your Google data into Ints, Floats, Arrays, Datetimes, Markdown, and more.

  • Data security and access control

    Keep your Google Sheets and Docs private and protect access using API keys or web tokens.

  • Multiple environments

    Use dev, staging, and prod endpoints to verify and test your data before you go live.

  • Monitoring and Analytics

    Easily view usage statistics and performance and get alerted of any errors.

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Supersheets is ideal for projects that require read-only access to human-authored content.
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